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LOGISTRAP® Pallet Straps

The LOGISTRAP® by Velcro Companies is a reusable and adjustable pallet or load strap perfect for warehouse and logistics applications, constructed from a loop tape with a hook tip closure. Save time and money over conventional shrink wraps and switch to the VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® saving on average 37% in time and 100% in waste.

VELCRO« Brand 4m LOGISTRAP« Pallet Strap - Yellow

VELCRO® Brand 4m LOGISTRAP® Pallet Strap - Yellow
SSP: ú7.97 save 10%

VELCRO« Brand 5m LOGISTRAP« Pallet Strap - Orange

VELCRO® Brand 5m LOGISTRAP® Pallet Strap - Orange
SSP: ú8.90 save 10%

VELCRO« Brand 6m LOGISTRAP« Pallet Strap - Green

VELCRO® Brand 6m LOGISTRAP® Pallet Strap - Green
SSP: ú9.99 save 10%

VELCRO« Brand 7m LOGISTRAP« Pallet Strap - Navy

VELCRO® Brand 7m LOGISTRAP® Pallet Strap - Navy
SSP: ú10.63 save 10%