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VELCRO® Brand Self Adhesive Hook & Loop Rolls

Self adhesive VELCRO Brand commercial hook and loop tapes are supplied on 25m rolls with various types of adhesives pre applied to the back. Commercially rolls are supplied as hook or loop, so if both sides are required you would need to buy two rolls.

We keep stock of a wide range of adhesives, the bottom of this page has a chart that indicates what type of adhesive would best suit your application.

Self Adhesive VELCRO & Alfatex Brand Tapes
PS14 (Standard Adhesive) This is a rubber resin suitable for most general purpose applications, will adhere to most surfaces with the exception of PVC and any plastics containing plasticizers. PS14 is a low tack adhesive, ideal for use on metal, glass, wood, rigid plastics and card.

PS51 and PS52 (Heavy Duty) This is again a rubber based resin, but is extremely strong, the high tack ensures instant and permanent grab, perfect for use both inside and out as it has weather resistance. Will adhere to metal, glass, wood, rigid plastics and card, use on PVC and plastics containing plasticizers is advised with reservation.

PS18 (Acrylic) this is a high tack water based adhesive, it offers the best solution when sticking to PVC and plastics with plasticizers. PS18 also adheres well to Foamex so is good for use in exhibitions; the resin also offers good heat resistance when compared to other adhesives. PS18 is not recommended for use on Polyethylene or Polypropylene.
 Aluminum (Adonized, Raw)
 Painted Wallboard
 Plywood / MDF (Primed)
 Polyethylene (PE, PELD, PEHD)
 Stainless Steel
 Formica (Polishing Side)
 Polyacrylic / PMMA

With Reservation
Not Suitable