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Wholesale and Retail Premium VELCRO® Brand Distributors

Hook and Loop Fasteners is run and operated by MDN Supplies Ltd a Father and Daughter team that are proud to be Premium VELCRO® Brand distributors in the UK, supplying the very best in hook and loop fastenings from the leading global brand; Velcro Industries B.V.

Through our retail webstore here at hookandloopfasteners.co.uk we can supply one of the largest ranges available in the UK of genuine Velcro companies tapes from around the world including Alfatex® and some USA lines like VELSTRETCH®.

Through our MDN Supplies site we can supply VELCRO® Brand and ALFATEX® into the Wholesale and trade market.

Hook and loop have become in one way or another a part of almost every household, Velcro Industries B.V. Are the pioneers of the product and have spent years expanding the range into almost every sector, from Military to Space. We have been proud suppliers of this premium brand for years and continue to commit ourselves, with increased stock holding for fast order fulfilment and expanding our product range to cater for any requirement.
We only supply fasteners that carry the VELCRO® Brand logo and for good reason. There are hundreds of hook and loop solutions in the market place today, manufactured all over the world, however only a handful can provide all the backup, quality and assurances that many companies using such fasteners require. Here are just a handful of reasons to stick with Velcro Industries and its subsidiary companies:

    Each batch carries a unique number, if any issues arise every single lot can be recalled and tested
    Velcro Industries manufacture they don't buy in from different suppliers meaning that every item produced is exactly the same as the last item you purchased.
    Velcro Industries have thousands of lines and continue to innovate further expanding the fastener industry
    Velcro Industries can provide a wide range of analysis and testing services at any stage of product development to evaluate and document performance and quality, this testing covers and is not limited to:

  • Adhesive Peel
  • Air Permeability
  • Automated Cycle Life Testing
  • Bond Strength
  • Break Strength
  • Closure Peel
  • Colour Crock
  • Colour-fastness
  • Curvature/Camber
  • Fray Resistance
  • Mass
  • Shear
  • Shrinkage
  • Stitch Tear
  • Stiffness
  • Tension
  • Thickness

They can also offer speciality performance testing to ensure compliance with industry government standards:

  • Environmental:RoHS compliant product; ISO 14001 compliant
  • Flammability: FAR; MVSS
  • Human Ecology: OEKO-TEX 100
  • Material analysis: FTIR; DSC; SEM; Microscopy
  • Temperature/Humidity -60 to 400C; 0-100% RH

VELCRO® Brand fasteners offer continuity in supply with outstanding consistent quality within the entire product range, with ongoing development they remain a brand that everyone can rely on.