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25mm Adjustable Ring Strap made with VELCRO® Brand Tape

Custom Made Strap - Product Ref: 437
25mm Wide Adjustable Ring Strap with VELCRO Brand Tape

25mm Wide Adjustable Ring Strap with VELCRO® Brand Tape

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  • Select Colour: Black
  • Select Colour: White
  • Select Colour: Royal Blue
  • Select Colour: Red
  • Select Colour: Flou Yellow
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Frontring Strap

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Reusable Strap




Ring Strap


Depends on Selection

Made in-house to order, please select your size from the options available and enter the qty required. We produce these straps to order and normally take a couple of days to make (depending on order qty) so are not available for same day dispatch.

The soft loop side is the longest piece with the shorter hook tip welded to the end to create the closure. We recommend the following when choosing the size:

  • The longer the loop section is the longer the hook tip should be in order to create a strong closure.
  • The shorter the hook tip, the larger wrapping diameter you will have.
  • To determine the strap length, use a piece of string to wrap round your items, this will give you the loop length you will need.

Frontring straps are manufactured using hook and loop tape welded together and both facing the same way, a buckle is attached and welded the the end of the loop piece allowing you to bundle items together, feeding the hook end through the buckle and wrapping the tape back onto itself, locking it down with the hook tip. This system is incredibly popular in commercial applications as well as in the home and office as you can open, add more and re-close 100's of times.

We have a selection of sizes available to cover a wide range of applications from bundling cables to tools, fishing to skiing, the uses are almost endless. Another great bonus to using these ties is that they are less damaging than conventional plastic cable ties, so can offer the same level of grip but without cutting into cables or rubbing against items that could potentially cause damage. Available with the following spec:

  • Width: 25mm
  • Overall Length: Depends on Selection
  • Loop Length: Depends on Selection
  • Hook Length: Depends on Selection
  • Colours: Black, White, Royal Blue, Red, Flou Yellow or Flou Orange
  • Buckle: Plastic or Metal

*These straps are made to order and are not available for return or exchange. The price will adjust automatically depending on your size selections.
  • Our Price: £1.45 Including VAT
  • Available for Order - Normally Delivered within 5 to 7 Business Days
  • UK Mainland delivery is from £2.00 and free when you spend over 120.