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BTTG Tensile Testing

Strap Weld and Closure Strength Testing

Samples of Velcro straps in 25mm and 50mm wide width for tensile testing were sent to BTTG/Shirley to have two separate tests carried out:

    1. Test of weld strength at the hook/closure end separately on both the narrow and wide width straps on a total of separate 5 straps.
    2. Test the weld and closure strength at the buckle end on both the narrow and wide width straps on a total of separate 5 straps.

Supplying a product that incorporates the best Hook and Loop products available we wanted to ensure that our straps met the demands customers expect when purchasing VELCRO® Brand products.

As our straps are made using Velcro companies' tapes, we felt it was important to be able to provide information relating to the strength our straps can provide, this ensures your purchasing an item both capable but also independently tested to meet your requirements.

We have had our 25mm and 50mm wide straps tested by BTTG, the same test is carried out multiple times so that an average but accurate minimum break strength can be published on both sizes at both joints.

The first test is for the weld at the hook closure, the second is the buckle, however, to test at the buckle the strap is closed so the second test also doubles as a closure strength test.

Straps that have been tested have the results published on their respective pages.

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