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VELCRO® Reusable Ties

The Hero to Your Plants
Let VELCRO® Brand plant and cable ties be the Hero of your garden this year.

It's that time of year again, the sun is glowing and the evenings are getting lighter, most of us have started to clean up and prepare the garden so now's the time to get the trees and shrubs pruned and trained. Most of us have at least one plant in the garden that needs a little help, from growing up trellis to training vines VELCRO® brand have just the solution.

Most of us would be forgiven for associating the VELCRO® brand cable tie as just that, but given its inherently soft side, the tie actually lends itself perfectly to plants of all shapes and sizes.

VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties
Wire ties, plastic cable ties are all made of hard plastics or plastic coated wire, a real pain in the stalk for plants, as they grow or especially when trying to train them, they have a lot of force often trying to pull them in the opposite direction to that you want it to grow, using such ties cuts into the plant and in some cases all the way through, all your hard work wasted and a plant feeling very sorry for itself.

Step in VELCRO® like a caped crusader for plant welfare, with its soft fluffy side the plant can lay comfortable, the wider tie also provides much more support to the stem or vine and so relieves more pressure allowing you plants to flourish in comfort!

And there's more; VELCRO® Brand ties can be used over and over again, they come in a range of pack sizes, types and widths, even colours! You can open and re-close them hundreds of times, so making adjustments to your plants is literally a 30 second job.