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Certificate of Conformance (CofC) Information

In the final phase of checkout, we offer an option for you to tick a box requesting a CofC, this is available on all items that have batch numbers from the manufacturer (Velcro Companies, including Alfatex).

The certificate we supply includes the product code, item, customs code and batch number, the batch number is only available once stock has been assigned to you, this number allows Velcro Companies to provide testing data and confirms the item meets the criteria and manufacturing specifications set out in any supplied literature.

Some products do not have CofC availability, these include straps, made to order lines and USA products, with straps we can supply batch number info relating to the tape used for the production, however this will be the only information available.

We DO NOT supply CofC's for ANY orders we have not supplied. Certificates are supplied as Hard Copy's with your goods along with a packing slip.