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VELCRO® Brand PS14 Adhesive Technical Data

  • Base material : Rubber resin
  • Shelf Life : Minimum 1 Year, when stored in dark area, at temperature of 10C to 30C.
  • Suggested uses : On most clean and smooth surfaces. (Except any kind of plastifying)
Adhesives Properties

Peel Strength 180 :
Curing time 20 minutes Minimum 8 N/cm Test method : FINAT ; FTM 1
Average 15 N/cm
Curing time 24 hours Minimum 10 N/cm Test method : FINAT ; FTM 1
Average 17 N/cm
Static Shear Strength ≥ 7 days Test method : FINAT ; FTM 8
Softening Point ≥ 90C Test method : ASTM D-816
Temperature Range: -15C to +90C (Depending on loading and Relative Humidity).
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials.
Tested on: Anodized aluminium plates under laboratory conditions, (23C 2 and 60 10 % R.H.)

Resistance properties

Plastifying, oilsPoor
High relative humidityPoor
Polar solvents (M.E.K. etc.)Poor
Non-polar solvents (gasoline, etc.)Suitable
High temperatureSuitable
Low temperatureSuitable
U.V. radiationPoor

General Directions for Use

Aplication temperature range: 20C to 30C. Degrease the substrate with e.g. alcohol or spirit. (The substrate must be free of grease, moisture, dust, silicones, etc.). Remove the protective paper and press the tape firmly into contact with the substrate, with special attention to the edges. Preferably, allow substrate and pressure sensitive tape to stand for 24 hours after applying load.