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Can you Buy Elastic Hook and Loop from Velcro Companies?

The short answer is YES! However, there are some differences...

Velcro companies operate on a Global scale, within the company a few variations of elastic tapes are available:

USA: VELSTRETCH® Elastic LOOP. This is a very high-quality loop tape with woven edges and a super soft felt like backing, widely used in the healthcare/medical sector, being a USA line, this is 25.4mm wide and 36 metres long. VELSTRETCH® offers approximately 50% elasticity and works well with most hook tapes.

EUROPE: ALFATEX® Elastic Tapes. In this range we have a Hook or Loop option, both elastic, however they do differ in construction.

ALFATEX® Elastic Loop is a heavy woven lycra, high elasticity and works with all hook tapes.

ALFATEX® Elastic Hook, this tape looks and feels like a thicker, closer knit standard hook but it does have some stretch, though limited. Because of the nature of hook tapes, it does need the hooks to remain close together to maintain a good secure grip to any corresponding loop, this limits its ability to stretch, we would estimate it has approximately 10% elasticity.

We offer both USA and EU options in the following Sew-on Elastic Tapes section.