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Iron-On, Heat or Solvent VELCRO® Brand Fusion Tapes:

Iron on
Wash and dry fabric before applying Fabric Fusion fasteners. The heat-activated adhesive works on most heat tolerant fabrics, including cotton and blends, polyester, fleece, suede, canvas, denim, and nylon. For delicate fabrics, a press cloth is recommended and bond strength may be limited.

1. With no steam activated, heat iron to highest setting.
Preparing the Tape:

2. Cut the VELCRO® Brand or ALFATEX® Weldable Fastener to your desired length and nip each corner (this will help prevent lift).
Position the Tape:

3. Position adhesive side of the fabric fusion tape onto the fabric, the adhesive is non-tacky with a slight sheen.
Place Fusion Tape onto the Fabric:

4. Place fabric with the fastener-side DOWN, onto your ironing board pressing surface.
Press with Iron:

5. Iron on for 90 seconds on the fabric with the hook or loop tape underneath (the VELCRO® Brand fusion tape should be fastener side to the ironing board surface, the fabric on top of that, then the iron), applying pressure and moving iron back and forth. Do not scorch the fabric. For delicate fabrics, a press cloth is recommended. Do not apply heat directly to the hook or loop tape.

Precautions, Hints & Tips:

Iron performances vary. Cool fabric completely and once completely cooled, test bond by lifting edge. If the fastener has fused, the edge should be fixed. If the edge can be peeled back, apply heat again. After applying the weldable hook or loop, wait at least 24 hours before laundering. After waiting 24 hours, the fabric can be machine washed or dry-cleaned. Close fastener when cleaning.

Before applying the tape as with adhesive it is always a good idea to round-off any corners, this way they are less prone to lifting as they will always be the most vulnerable.
Weldable Heat Activated Tapes
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Iron-On, Heat or Solvent Activated Hook and Loop