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VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop for the Consumer & Beyond

Over the last decade or two the VELCRO® Brand fastener range has grown into the largest selection of hook and loop fasteners in the world. Now the company offers products for the consumer market, commercial and medical.

VELCRO« Brand Adhesive Hook & Loop
VELCRO® Brand reusable adhesive fasteners are available in tapes, strips and coins. This wide range gives you an array of options for keeping things organized and connected. Available for Everyday, Removable, and Heavy Duty applications.
VELCRO« Brand Hook & Loop for Fabrics
There's an easier way to work with fabrics. VELCRO® Brand fabric tapes and fasteners offer a simple answer for all your fabric needs, from replacing zips or buttons to designing an entire outfit, VELCRO® have just the solution.
VELCRO« Brand One Wrap & Straps
VELCRO® Brand offer a range of reusable straps and ties, they offer a neat and simple way to bundle, secure, and carry the awkward clutter of wires and cables, they can even be used to bundle items together from paperwork to craft.
VELCRO« Brand Garden Plant Ties & Straps
VELCRO® Brand plant ties are a simple and easy way to stake, train, and nurture plants, the ONE-WRAP® technology now includes straps and wraps for organizing your tools and training plants. Both are easy to manipulate and adapt to your growing garden.
VELCRO« Brand Office Solutions
From showing off your favorite photos, artwork or papers, VELCRO® Brand has just the solution for you. From adhesive coins and squares to display solutions there's something for everyone.
VELCRO« Brand Medical Solutions
VELCRO® Brand now offer a complete range of medical fasteners and end products, using the One Wrap system with low profile plastic hook tapes, they offer everything from bed to support products.