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VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties

The dilemma, you need a sturdy fastener to allow your plants and trees to grow correctly and upright to the support but what do you use? Green plastic ties with a wire core are very common, but they can cause damage to the plant stem, so much so that the result can be one plant cut in two. The wire ties are harsh and hard so they offer no soft barrier for the stem whilst it grows, as the stem gets bigger if your not careful the wire will cut its way through, unwrapping and re-winding is a tedious task.
Garden Plant Tie
VELCRO® Brand has come up with an outstanding solution to all your plant tie problems, easy to use and no tools required. The plant ties use similar technology and construction to the ONE WRAP® system, they are made though of a material that you can tear, no scissors required!

No more wire cutters and fiddling with wire ties, now you can easily tear off a strip of the plant tie and wrap it round the plant and steak, the back to back system self-grips like a mini strap.

Why VELCRO Brand Plant Straps?
Because the strap is fairly soft the plant tie won't chafe against the stem and cause damage as a wire tie or plastic cable tie would. The easy open and closure means you can give the plant a little more room as it grows in a matter of seconds. Available in either 12mm wide plant ties for small plants like tomato and cucumber, or larger 50mm wide tree ties for bulkier plants, saplings, fruit trees and larger vegetation.

Not only convenient, they can be re-used the following season, they are weather resistant and although you can tear them they remain extremely strong in use.

The VELCRO® Brand plant ties have a patented system that uses a canvas type material as the harder hook side with an almost cotton wool looking white fluffy loop on the reverse, easy to separate but strong when in place, a perfect solution for staking and training small, delicate plants or plants that need extra support.