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VELCRO® Brand Adhesives Correct Use & Guide

Woven VELCRO® brand tapes have a binder coat which firmly locks hooks and loops in place and helps prevent fraying of the tapes when cut. Due to this coating, many commercially available adhesives will not readily adhere to the back of woven tape. Therefore, the use of a VELCRO® brand pre-coated adhesive backing is recommended.

Pressure sensitive adhesives are popular because of the ease of application. Simply remove the release liner and press the VELCRO® brand tape in place. Pressure sensitive adhesives should always be considered semi-permanent bonds. VELCRO® brand pressure sensitive adhesives have been engineered to offer specific performance characteristics to meet different requirements.

Preperation of the VELCRO® Brand Tape:

Pointed corners on VELCRO® brand Hook and Loop tapes are sometimes detrimental to a good bond. We recommend nipping or rounding each corner of the VELCRO® brand tape to eliminate this vulnerable area.

Your Plant Conditions:

Your work area must be clean and free from dirt and dust in the air. It is also essential to have a well ventilated area. Ideal room temperatures should be 18 C to 20 C, and relative humidity 40% to 60% (the lower the humidity, the better the bond).

If the adhesive is applied below the recommended application temperatures, it loses tack. Once the adhesive tape is applied, press it firmly into contact with the substrate to smooth tape and to avoid air bubbles.

Surface Preparation:

It is extremely important that all surfaces are thorroughly cleaned and dried. All cleaning agents should be tested prior to use to ensure that ingredients used do not affect the bond.

Porous Substrate:

This type of surface is one that requires a primer or sealer to provide a suitable bonding area. This could consist of a coating or liquid adhesive, allow to dry completely before applying the final tape.

Smooth Surfaces:

Ideal for PS14 adhesive, superior bonding can be achieved by cleaning or roughing up a smooth surface.


Not recommended for use in water or on any plastics that contain plasticizers like PVC etc. Adhesive is not washable or cleanable. Always test an area before making final application, this will confirm that the product is suitable and also no adverse reactions take place.

VELCRO® Brand PS14 Adhesive Recommended Substrates:

resin is perfectly suited to low energy substrates, and can be used confidently on the following surfaces;

• Anodised Aluminium
• Glass
• Painted Wallboard
• Plywood, Polyester
• Stainless Steel
• Formica (Polished side only)
• Polyacrylic

With reservation VELCRO® brand PS14 adhesive can be used on;

• Polyethylene
• Polypropylene
• Cardboard
• Some Fabrics

With the above bond strength is limited and may not perform over time, so use should only be considered when used as a temporary measure, the adhesive is not suitable for Vinyl.