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VELCRO® Brand Tape for Foamex Display & Exhibition Boards

A popular way of mounting or attaching exhibition boards such as Correx and Foamex is to use Velcro Companies hook and loop tapes, however selecting the correct adhesive is vital to ensure your boards stay in place throughout your exhibition.

Up until recently the only sure option was to use the Acrylic PS18 adhesive, this is a water-based option that is pre-applied to the hook and loop tapes, the application is a simple as peeling the release paper and applying to the boards. PS18 remains the perfect solution for a secure long-term bond to the board and can operate at temperatures ranging from -20ºC to + 120ºC allowing it to withstand higher temperatures from lighting etc.

The downside to PS18 is the fact that it is a more permanent adhesive, this makes removal more difficult and time consuming, often resulting in having to use solvents to clean up the boards after the tape has been stripped off. This can lead to board damage and ultimately the board being thrown away.

Many exhibitions are now under pressure to recycle and so are insisting that exhibitors use a tape that does not damage boards, the solution? A new for 2022 VELCRO® Brand PS-B4 removable adhesive, this adhesive offers a greater temperature working range of -40ºC to +140ºC, adheres well to Foamex, Vinyl, Polyester and Polypropylene as well as the usual substrates offered by other adhesives in the VELCRO® Brand line-up.

The big difference is not in the application, that's still a simple peel and stick. The magic is in the removal, not only is it super easy but it leaves absolutely nothing behind, no residue, no sticky mess. The boards are un-damaged and ready for either re-use or recycling.

Currently the removable range is available in a 20mm wide or 45mm wide low profile plastic hook, both on 25m rolls. The PS-B4 removable adhesive is only available on hook tapes as this is the side generally used on the boards, the loop you can choose from any of the options that best suit your product surface, alternatively the low profile hook does also offer some engagement with felts* (*for lightweight items only), something the woven hook alternatives can't so you can apply the hook tape to your exhibition board and mount it to a felt wall display, eliminating the need for a separate corresponding loop tape altogether.

It is important when using on foam boards including Foamex that the tape is only left for a maximum of two weeks, prolonged time stuck to these boards can in rare cases and in particular with cheaper boards cause some damage when removed.
PS-B4 vs PS18 Removal